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Extraordinary Teams Partnership
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teams, and organizations for amazing results.
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Welcome To ETP!

The Extraordinary Teams Partnership (ETP) has a unique approach to teamwork and organizational excellence. If you're inspired to be Extraordinary, "ordinary" teams won't set you apart. Using a range of services - from coaching, to consulting, to training and more - we help transform individuals, teams and organizations for amazing results.
Amazing teams are much more than simply high performing teams. On the way to extraordinary, high performance is met by personal, individual transformation, shifting from an effective team to a dream team.
The Extraordinary Teams Partnership is an experienced group of coaches and consultants with clients from coast to coast. With a shared passion for extraordinary teaming, we practice what we preach.
We have identified The Essential Elements of an Extraordinary Team through rigorous research of teaming. Our findings are easily understood and can be implemented by team leaders and teams.

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