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About ETP - Extraordinary Teams Partnership

In every group there is the is the capacity to become an extraordinary team. We are committed to bringing the extraordinary into the world, one team at a time.

What is the Extraordinary Teams Partnership?

Passion led us hereThe Extraordinary Teams Partnership (ETP) is a learning community committed to creating the next level of teaming where personal transformation is the rule instead of the exception.

ETP collaborates with both individuals and teams as they create the work world they truly desire. In short, we help to transform teams so that they can achieve amazing results.

The ETP approach

The center of our approach is the theory, concepts, and strategies first developed by Geoffrey Bellman and Kathleen Ryan, when in 2005 they began their study of ‘amazing’ teams.

Further, our approach is evolving as we explore information coming from organizations that use the Extraordinary Teams Inventory, co-authored with Kevin Coray.

What’s so unique about our approach?

Our breakthrough was discovering that amazing teams are much more than simply high performing teams. High performance must be coupled with personal transformation for any team to be exceptional. When both of these elements are present, team members nail their results because they are quickly collaborative, break through silos, and share a strong sense of collective accountability. Extraordinary teams call forth and reinforce a passion for purpose – the powerful and compelling motivator for both improvement and top talent retention.

What Guides Us?

Certain values guide how we work with each other and how we engage with our clients.

Belief in the power of teams.
In the face of all the contextual factors that can seem so daunting, we absolutely know that teams can grow their capacity to achieve amazing results as they fulfill the promise of their human potential.
A team serving teams.
Collaboration gets better results, and provides the opportunity for personal transformation. That's the ‘wow’ factor of extraordinary teaming. Our clients always get at least two of us on any consultation.
Practice what we preach.
We rely on and apply the research, concepts, and tools of Extraordinary Groups in all that we do.
Assessment comes first.
We apply an evidence-based approach, which means we assess what’s happening before we design and propose change.
Differences make the difference.
We see difference as a great asset and the source of breakthrough thinking and problem solving.
Learn from what happens.
We pay attention to what unfolds, especially what works well. We build from there.
Engaged and accountable.
We bring our full selves to any situation and do what we say we will do.
We base our work on our own team-based research and best in class research by other experts.

The Basis of our Approach

Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan’s work led to Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results (Wiley, 2009) and Extraordinary Teams (HRDQ, 2014) an integrated team training and development package co-authored with Kevin E. Coray, PhD.

Together We CanIncluded in this program is the The Extraordinary Teams Inventory – an online valid and reliable team assessment tool — which is the core of this material. At this time, over 1500 people and close to 200 teams have been included in our ongoing research.

Visit our Store page for background on each of these products and Extraordinary Groups.

Our Own Extraordinary Team

Together we jointly pursue answers and create approaches that support teams as they move toward extraordinary. You can read our ETP partner bios here.

Since 2005, through our research and hands-on work with teams, we know:

  1. The factors that differentiate an exceptional team from one that is simply ordinary.
  2. What teams and team leaders need to do to increase a group’s ability to achieve its outcomes and create positively transforming and enlivening experiences for team members.
  3. How to engage leaders in the big picture issues of cross-team alignment and collaboration.

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