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Introducing the ETP Partners

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Geoff Bellman

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Geoff Bellman

Geoff's Biography

Geoff Bellman worked inside major corporations for fourteen years before starting his own consulting firm in 1977. His external consulting has focused on renewing large, mature corporations. He has written six books, with 300,000 copies in print in a dozen languages:

In addition, he co-authored with Kathleen Ryan and Kevin Coray, Extraordinary Teams (HRDQ, 2014), an integrated training and team development program.

Geoff’s consulting and workshops have taken him to five continents. He has served as guest faculty for numerous university graduate programs. Geoff is a charter member of the Woodlands Group which has been meeting quarterly for forty years, exploring individual, organizational, and societal change. He is a founder of Seattle’s Community Consulting Partnership and The Extraordinary Teams Partnership. The national Organization Development Network chose Geoff for its 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award.

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Brad Britton

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Brad Britton

Brad's Biography

With over 25 years of organizational development experience Brad Britton has worked with business, education, government and non-profit organizations. Brad has extensive experience coaching individuals at all levels of organizations and specializes in leadership development. His coaching helps his clients pursue the goals and dreams that inspire adventurous action, authentic self-reflection and disciplined self-care.  Brad also has substantial experience developing managers, coaches and facilitators using experiential learning training methodologies.

At the team level, Brad specializes in achieving alignment on business goals and cultural values that drive the team’s decisions and behavior. He assists teams in making strategic decisions and then coaches them through the implementation. He works to build trust and communication within the team so that difficult issues can be raised and resolved. Brad has coached a diverse range of teams including executive, mid-management, line, project, design, communication, and product/service development.

At the organizational level, Brad has facilitated strategic change efforts including vision development, rapid organizational improvement, process improvement, organizational redesign, and strategic planning.  His approach centers on working with organizational leaders to discover and act on the high leverage opportunities that will improve business results.  Using a systems view, he works with organizations to build on strengths and create lasting solutions for all stakeholders. Brad has worked with Fortune 50 companies, many non-profits, the U.S. Federal Government, as well as mid-sized and small businesses.

Brad holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Ohio University, as well as a Masters in Public Administration from San Jose State University. He and his wife Jodi, and sons Tate and Cyrus, live in San Luis Obispo, California, where they love to play in the natural beauty of the area.

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Kevin Coray, Ph.D.

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Kevin Coray

Kevin's Biography

Trained as an industrial and organizational psychologist, Kevin Coray is a consultant and coach to leaders, teams, and organizations. He is also co-author of the Extraordinary Teams Inventory and the Embodied Leadership Assessment (available soon from www.strozziinstitute.com). Kevin brings over 35 years of experience consulting to and coaching executives, teams and improving organizational performance as the leader of an award-winning, national consulting firm he ran for 27 years (www.cgstrategy.com). His client work is founded on appreciative inquiry, and his decades of research and consulting on extraordinary teams, as well as his coaching training in somatics.

Kevin has led program evaluation, strategic planning, core business redesign, as well as working at a more personal and team level developing teams and leaders. His public-sector clients include: the US Departments of Health and Human Services, Education, Homeland Security, Army, Defense, Interior, Transportation, Agriculture, the Architect of the Capitol and the International Trade Commission, as well as state and local government entities. His NGO clients include: GM, IEEE Computer Society, Society for Petroleum Engineers, Optical Society of America, Meals on Wheels Association of America, AGE Africa, the ARC of Northern Virginia, NY HIV Planning Council, Fuller Project for International Reporting, Hudson Valley Community Services, and VetPartners.

Kevin is a former management and psychology professor having taught at George Washington University, Clarkson University, and the University of Baltimore.

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Travis Green, MA

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Travis Green

Travis's Biography

Travis Green is an Organizational Psychologist and Coach, focusing on leadership, organizational change, and positive impact. For over twenty years, he has made a difference with leaders and teams across the business, academic, and non-profit sectors. Travis is passionate about creating change that sticks, building exceptional teams, and creating an organizational culture that energizes.  He uses his experience, objectivity, and powerful tools to build individual and collective intelligence to fuel success.  Travis provides coaching methods to move leaders forward, through bringing out their best for the organization, and themselves. He has the unique ability to mesh simple processes with complex tasks that move strategy to action to impact.  Using a “whole-systems” methodology and a collaborative consulting model, Travis works alongside his clients to deliver insights that add tangible value and sustainable outcomes.  Ultimately, Travis will help you and your organization make a positive and profound impact.

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Kathleen D. Ryan

Connect with Kathleen

Kathleen D. Ryan

Kathleen's Biography

Kathleen Ryan is known for her work in building collaboration, trust, and high performance. For over thirty years, she has supported executives and other leaders as they met the challenges of changing environments. Her consultative roles have included executive coaching, team development, culture change, shadow consulting, and workshop facilitation. As a behind-the-scenes thought-leader, Ryan has been identified as “an organizational consultant with an instinct for translating complex human behavior into practical concepts.” She has specialized in helping others become more capable and confident in the messy human terrain at the core of organizational life.

In 2005, she began her collaboration with Geoffrey Bellman as they tackled the question: Why are some teams so amazing, when most are not? Since then, she has focused her creative energy around the subject of extraordinary teams. With Geoff Bellman she co-authored her third book, Extraordinary Groups: How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results, (Jossey-Bass, 2009) and with Kevin Coray and Geoff, she co-authored Extraordinary Teams (HRDQ, 2014), an integrated training program that includes the Extraordinary Teams Inventory, a valid and reliable online team assessment tool. Kathleen has developed a deep familiarity with the intricacies of exceptional teaming and the application of how Extraordinary Teams theory and concepts come alive with real teams, leaders, and organizations.

Her first book, Driving Fear Out of the Workplace: Creating the High-Trust, High-Performance Organization (Jossey-Bass, 1991. 1998–2nd edition), was co-authored with Daniel K. Oestreich. It received the Society for Human Resource Management’s Book Award. She continued her work on issues of fear and trust with her second book, co-authored with Daniel Oestreich and George Orr: The Courageous Messenger: How to Successfully Speak Up at Work (Jossey-Bass, 1996).

Kathleen has worked with clients in technology, government, manufacturing, health care, philanthropy and community organizations. She has been an active community volunteer in settings where she could mentor and support others as they acquire organization development skills. She holds a BA from University of California at Berkeley and an MPA from the University of Southern California.

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Sally Starbuck Stamp

Connect with Sally


Sally Starbuck Stamp

Sally's Biography

Sally Starbuck Stamp is a Board certified coach and consultant who works with individuals, teams and organizations primarily in the areas of leadership development, communication effectiveness, culture transformation, and life/work balance. Her experience includes work for a variety of health care and technical organizations as both an internal change agent and external coach and advisor.

Sally utilizes a strengths-based approach to work and life that allows individuals, teams and organizations to optimize their positivity and potential. Her work is characterized by collaboration and co-creation with her clients. She is committed to developing client relationships that encourage personal growth and development in an environment of safety and trust.

Sally incorporates the Extraordinary Groups research into her work with teams to help make the teaming experience more positive and more productive. Her individual coaching clients typically develop coaching skills that enhance their leadership development. In all of her work, Sally utilizes her coaching and counseling skills of active listening and provocative questioning to stimulate thought and action for clients.

Sally holds a Masters in Counseling from Arizona State University and undergraduate degrees in Sociology and Psychology from Denison University and Nursing from Kent State University. She is a frequent presenter at conferences and has been a regular contributor to Veterinary Team Brief where she co-authored a year-long series on Positivity in the Workplace.

She co-created a game to teach table manners and authored The Proper Pig’s Guide to Mealtime Manners (Kowal, L.A. and Stamp, Sally Starbuck, Five Star Publications, 1996). Sally also served as lead researcher and editorial advisor for Getting Your Shift Together: Making Sense of Organizational Culture and Change (Pellet, Lizz, and Bouchard, P.J., CCI Press, 2000).


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Jeff Thoren, DVM

Connect with Jeff

Jeff's Biography

Jeff Thoren, DVM, PCC, BCC  is the founder of Gifted Leaders, LLC, an established executive and team coaching company based in Phoenix, AZ serving clients nationwide.

As a creative, independent thinker, Jeff brings new ideas, novel approaches, and unconventional solutions to both individual and organizational clients. Prior to operating his own company, Jeff worked for small businesses as well as mid-size and multinational corporations. He has experience with various organizational functions including sales & marketing, technical support, customer service, research & development, and human resources. He’s served on multi-disciplinary teams working on initiatives ranging from product development to strategic planning and cultural change.

Jeff is committed to building engaging and innovative workplace cultures. He understands the mindset required to effectively lead and influence others in a business environment that is increasingly uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. His goal is to accelerate the shift from traditional hierarchical leadership (where a few leaders at the top exert control) to collective leadership (where leadership emerges as a collective capacity from everyone).

He has worked with a wide range of leaders from veterinary practice owners to executive level leaders in multinational companies and has coaching/consulting experience in a variety of industries including veterinary medicine, healthcare, management consulting, construction, architecture, biotechnology, insurance, and semiconductor manufacturing.

A graduate of Washington State University (DVM), Jeff received his coach training through the Adler School of Professional Coaching and is certified through both the International Coach Federation (PCC) and Center for Credentialing & Education (BCC).


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Deborah Ward

Connect with Deborah

Deborah Ward

Deborah's Biography

Deborah Ward is an established organizational development consultant and an internationally-experienced training facilitator specializing in management and leadership development. Her highly-rated training sessions and workshops are oriented toward the alignment of individual aspirations and organizational goals, and the development of skilled leaders who can set direction and motivate others in the pursuit of those goals.

Deborah’s work is informed by twenty-five years of experience and has earned her a reputation as an engaging, business-oriented training facilitator. She specializes in workshops for engineering, scientific and technical firms. Her list of clients includes Cisco Systems, Intel, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Pac Bell, PG&E.

Deborah has taught at the University of San Francisco, U. C. Berkeley Extension and Golden Gate University. She earned her B.A. in Business Management from Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida, and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the California State University at Sonoma. She is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. Deborah managed two different non-profit agencies. She is past president of the 1100+ member Golden Gate Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development. She chaired the 7000+ attendee, week-long National ASTD Conference. She qualifies as a member of MENSA.

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Todd Weinstein

Connect with Todd

Todd Weinstein

Todd's Biography

Todd Weinstein is an experienced leadership coach and facilitator who brings a sense of challenge, empathy and creative curiosity to help leaders and their teams focus on the critical areas that will significantly accelerate growth and performance.

Todd is a certified executive coach with 20 years of experience as an HR professional, leadership consultant and strategic business partner. He’s been an advisor, coach, mentor or facilitator to hundreds of leaders at all levels and with diverse teams. His coaching is based on rigorous training at the world-renowned Hudson Institute of Coaching and accredited through the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Todd’s work experience includes his current work as a leadership coach, group facilitator and consultant. Prior to this, Todd held multiple leadership roles in corporate Human Resources across multiple industries. These roles included leading the Leadership Development, Talent Development and Organizational Change functions for a Fortune 500 retailer and serving as a Strategic HR Business Partner.

In partnership with his clients, Todd delivers extraordinary value through facilitated team and one-on-one dialogue, coaching, assessment, action-planning, and follow-up. His areas of expertise include: Leadership Influence & Presence; Building High-Performance Teams; Leading Organizational Change; Cultivating & Leveraging Key Talent; Coaching High Potential and Derailing Executives. He uses a proven process and his style is described by his clients as insightful, professional, empathetic and committed. He works across various industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, energy, technology and financial services.

Todd is a graduate of UNLV (M.S., Hospitality Management, HR/OD emphasis) and Western University in London, Ontario (B.A., Sociology).

On a personal note, he is an avid trail cyclist, independent film and global travel enthusiast, musician, and enjoys creative time in the kitchen with his wife, Beth.