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Here you will find a collection of articles, videos, and exercises that will help you gain a deeper understanding of exceptional teaming.  We hope you’ll find what’s here both practical and illuminating.

Access a Wealth of Experience

Since 2005, we’ve fielded hundreds of questions about extraordinary teaming.  We’ve categorized our resources by four of the most essential questions. If what’s here triggers your own curiosity, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to share our insight and experience.

Over the last ten years, we’ve deepened our understanding of the essential elements of extraordinary teams. As a result, some of our terminology has changed. For example, when we began our study, we used the phrase ‘extraordinary groups,’ because we wanted people to think more broadly about how they come together to get things done in the world.  When our assessment was published we shifted our language more to extraordinary “teams" and “teaming."

Our guidance to you is: don’t worry about these changes in terminology; we are learning as you are learning.  And we will continue to bring our most current ideas to you.

Feel free to download and share any of the following articles or exercises.

The Essential Questions

What is an Extraordinary Team? What Are Its Characteristics? How Will I Know It When I See It?


“What Happens in Extraordinary Groups" by Geoff Bellman and Kathleen Ryan.  An overview of key concepts and a case study that illustrates the eight indicators of an extraordinary team.  11 pages.


What is an Extraordinary Team? – 03:36


Best Team Experience

What Can Leaders Do to Create an Extraordinary Team?


“Extraordinary E-Groups", found in Leadership Excellence, pp. 12-13.  What to do to create an amazing team experience for groups that meet virtually.  2 pages.


How Leaders can Create Extraordinary Groups – 04:07

Shared Leadership for Effective Groups – 02:48


Seeing the Group Needs at Work for Leaders

Why Should An Organization Invest In Creating An Extraordinary Team?


“Why Do We Need More Extraordinary Teams?”  By Kathleen Ryan and Kevin Coray, Ph.D.  A review of the benefits that come to an organization because they intentionally invest in building extraordinary teams.  2 pages.


The Essence of Extraordinary Groups – 04:19

What’s the Research Foundation for Extraordinary Teams?


Development & Validation of the Extraordinary Teams Inventory 2.0” by Kevin E. Coray, Ph.D.   A description of the research methods used since 2005 to document and assess the characteristics and underpinnings of extraordinary teams. 11 pages.

“About Extraordinary Groups” by Geoffrey M. Bellman.  A brief overview of the essential findings and theoretical model described in Extraordinary Groups:  How Ordinary Teams Achieve Amazing Results (Wiley, 2009) by Bellman and Ryan.  3 pages.

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