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We help individuals, teams, and organizations achieve amazing results.

Teambuilding, Coaching, Consulting…and More!

We offer you decades of consulting and leadership experience, along with all that we’ve learned about great teams.  Whether a single engagement or longer ongoing work, we design our consultations to fit your unique needs. We strive to augment or complement already-in-place initiatives.

Create teams known for being amazing!

Team BuildingWe live in a world where work gets done in teams.  Extraordinary teaming requires groups of people with diverse skills and perspectives – groups that are focused, engaged, collaborative, innovative, and willing to take risks. At ETP, we help our clients build such teams.

Each team building initiative is uniquely designed to match the needs and capabilities of the team leader and the team. We do this in the context of the culture of the team and the organization.  Often we blend elements of what you might have read in the descriptions of our Assessment, Coaching, and Training services. Consider what we might do together.

  • Who Are We as a Team?  Use the Extraordinary Teams Inventory as a catalyst to help your team discuss its vision, purpose, goals and interpersonal dynamics.
  • How Do We Want to Grow?  Take a look at what your team wants to improve and develop strategies and commitments to move in that direction.  Monitor progress on those strategies and commitments over time.
  • What Do We Do, What Do We Say?  Explore, practice, and commit to the communication patterns and behaviors that enable team members to intentionally move their team toward extraordinary.
  • How Are We Doing?  Invite one of our team to observe your team as it meets; we provide in-the-moment feedback to help your team see patterns to keep and patterns to change.

If that sounds like a plan, contact us to discover what we can accomplish together.

Accelerate capacity in team leaders and their teams!

CoachingSteeped in the deep practices of extraordinary leadership and team behavior, our coaches engage with teams, dyads, and individuals, to bring your performance and presence up to a new plateau. We meet with you on a regular basis – in person or through video conferencing. We often use the Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI) – a great tool to accelerate team and individual results.

Some of the ways we engage with you in coaching toward extraordinariness:

  • Discovering Your Strengths. Coaching on key leadership skills and personal growth, identifying areas for profound learning and action steps needed to move toward extraordinary practices.
  • How Are You Seen. We interview people you identify to explore the ways you support extraordinary teaming. We coach you on ways to move forward.
  • Coaching Your Team. Where are you relative to other teams in the broader workforce? What are the team’s strengths and challenges?  What’s necessary to move your team toward extraordinary performance?

If you sense that this type of highly personalized support would make the difference, contact us!

Engaging everyone in extraordinary accomplishment!

ConsultingWhat we do for teams, we do for teams of teams: organizations. We’ll consult with you to reshape the strategy, structures, or systems in your organization to create extraordinary results. In the positive extreme, this opens the entire culture to redesign and transformation.

We are excited about the possibilities of this kind of work. Our starting point often includes some combination of our other offerings as part of a larger organizational intervention. Always we begin with deep listening to our client, understanding the organization’s purpose and context, and an assessment of the current state. We intentionally engage people throughout the organization to shape the direction and activities within these consultations.

Examples consulting engagements:

  • Redesigning Culture to Yield Extraordinary Results. Get specific about the values and assumptions that underlie the culture that is necessary to support exemplary teaming.  Identify the key leverage points and necessary changes to shift from the existing culture to the culture that holds the promise of the future.
  • Accelerating Change in Strategy, Structure, and Systems with Extraordinary Teams.  Undertake a careful review of the organization’s business strategies, structures and systems.  Do they support extraordinary teams or not?  Identify key changes that need to be made to support amazing teams and team leadership.
  • Making Teams the Focus of Performance Across the Organization.  Consider your organization’s performance goals and strategies.  What teams and teams-of-teams are critical for success?  Examine the alignment amongst these teams and their leadership. Make necessary changes to support high-level alignment and streamlined work flow.
  • Building Leadership Capacity – Individual Leaders and Leadership Teams.  The context for leadership development is two-fold:  the organization’s goals and its desired-culture of extraordinary of teaming. Identify core competencies and personal characteristics needed for effective leadership.  Through workshops and coaching, support leaders and teams of leaders as they grow and change.

Why not contact us to explore this further with one of our consultants?

Skill-based workshops move teams toward extraordinary!


Our workshops engage participants in a personal way that connects their hopes for great team experiences with strategies that support individual and team change.

  • What Makes Teams Extraordinary? A half-day overview to consider what great groups have in common. Participants connect their past experiences and hopes for the future with Extraordinary Team definitions concepts and Essential Elements.
  • Becoming an Extraordinary Team. A full day for teams that have committed to become radically more effective. Team members receive their report from taking the Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI) and chart their future course based upon their present capacity.
  • Leading Extraordinary Teams. A full day designed for people whose success depends on their ability to lead one or more highly successful teams.  Participants learn core concepts, including Shared Leadership, Full Engagement, and Embracing Difference and the unique role a team leader must play in order for a team to become truly extraordinary.

This is just a sample of what we offer.  We are ready to design something just for you, so contact us to learn more about the possibilities!

Understand what’s real now!


All too often, when creating the future, organizations head off without a common understanding of the starting-place.  What is today’s reality?  To what degree do people share this view?  This is where our assessment tools come in.  We provide team and individual assessments that can help propel your journey toward the extraordinary.  Here are a few.

  • Extraordinary Teams Inventory (ETI 2.0).  An online team assessment that compiles and reports team members’ perceptions of 10 practices of an extraordinary team.
  • Individual Assessment.  Our ETP team members are skilled and certified to use a variety of personal, leadership, communication, and/or thinking style assessment instruments.
  • Qualitative Assessments.  Structured interviews and focus groups designed to gather perceptions about organizational issues and dynamics.  This method can also be used to collect feedback for leaders.

These tools don’t stand on their own; they are used in the context of our training, coaching, team building, and consulting services.

Why not contact us to talk about how tools such as these might be uniquely employed to support your organization’s development?

Transform the way people think about teams!

SpeakingKnown for highly participative and personally relevant keynotes, our ETP partners have spoken to a variety of organizations and institutions.  Among them are Kaiser Permanente, Pepperdine Graduate School, Microsoft, Organization Development Network, Singapore Institute of Leadership and Development, Association of Talent Development, Vet Partners Association, Agile, and many more.

We enjoy bringing these topics to groups:

  • What Great Teams Have in Common.  The eight characteristics of an extraordinary team are revealed through audience participation and our research.  Use this list as a framework for assessing a team and its need for development.
  • The Hidden And Universal Motivations That Determine Team Success.  We humans want, need, and long for at least six experiences in any group or team, many of which are unknown to us!  Understanding these elements unlocks the secret to Extraordinary Teams.
  • Team Leadership:  You Are Not The Center Of The Universe!  Because members of Extraordinary Teams naturally share leadership, designated team leaders must lead in non-traditional ways.  Learn the handful of essential aspects of team leadership that leaders must attend to.
  • Transforming Your Culture One Team at a Time.  A team’s up-close-and-personal culture determines how any person perceives the culture of an entire organization.  With this in mind, it’s possible to reframe and simplify any culture change effort, starting with teams at the top.
  • Want Outstanding Results?  Focus on Personal Transformation! Personal transformation is the secret-sauce, the wow-factor that differentiates an amazing team from one this is simply high-performing.  Learn the recipe for creating this powerful force in your teams and the benefits that come from doing so.

And that’s just a sample. We’d love to design a keynote just for you. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities.

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